At Home Activities

Rewilding Cardiff

At Home Activities

As part of a Cardiff University project, we are developing a wildflower mix based on native plants. These plants support pollinators, such as bees and will hopefully bring some pollinators into your gardens at home. We need your help to grow our wildflowers and help us with our research. We would like you to plant our seeds at home and watch over them as they grow.  This information will help us support biodiversity and pollinator populations around south Wales.  Please download the growing guide and plant ID below if you have a packet of seeds.

Please have fun while learning about gardening and completing our activities below!

Don't forget to complete a weekly BioBlitz survey, and to submit any photos of bees that visit you to the Spot-A-Bee app, available in the App Store or GooglePlay.

How do I take part in the Pharmabees BioBlitz?

  • Step 1 – Find a suitable area to plant your Pharmabee seed mix.  It can be a pot on a balcony, or in your garden.  Follow instructions on the growing guide.  Don't forget your seed packet number.

  • Step 2- Watch your seeds grow! Start looking for pollinators.

  • Step 3 – Download and print the BioBlitz survey document. Sit near your Pharmabees wildflower mix and record data weekly.  

  • Step 4- Have a grown-up tell us what you find here:

Please contact if you have any questions!

The Soil in Our Garden

Pridd yn ein gardd


BioBlitz Survey


Arolwg BioBlitz

Growing Guide and Plant ID

Soil Jar Test


Thirsty Plants Activity

Rewilding Glossary

Canllaw Tyfu ac adnabod planhigion

Gweithgaredd Prawf Pridd

Gweithgaredd Planhigion Sychedig

Geirfa Rewilding

Thirsty Plant Experiment


Soil Jar Test Experiment

Learn About Germs

At Home Activities

Learn about germs, how they spread, where they grow, and the importance of washing your hands!

Stop the Spread of Germs 

Taenu Germau



Bacteria Swab


Glitter Transmission


Gweithgaredd Golchi dwylo

Gweithgaredd Swab Bacteria

Gweithgaredd Trosglwyddo Glitter

Potato Preparation
Handwashing Activtiy
Bacteria Swab Activity

Download the Spot A Bee Activity Book created with the University of Glasgow:

Waggle Dance

Dawnsio Waggle

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